Welcome to John Faig's EdTech Wiki

This Wiki is a companion website for my blog (link). I use it to compile a list of important educational technology resources and lesson plan ideas.

Table of Contents

  1. Sources of Web2.0 Links (link)
  2. Important Educational Blogs (link)
  3. Professional Development (link)
  4. Building your Personal Learning Network/PLN (link)
  5. Collaboration Resources (link)
  6. Multimedia Resources (link)
  7. Advanced Ideas (link)
  8. Other Resources (link)
  9. Conferences (link)
  10. Lesson Plan Ideas (link)
  11. Acknowledgments (link)

Introductory Material

  • Slideshow of 25 "most important Web2.0 tools" (link)
  • 10 Important Web2.0 Technologies for Teachers (link)
    • and 5 Reasons You Need to Know about them (link)
  • Take an online class in Social Media (aka Web2.0) (link)
  • Excellent online course that provides an overview of classroom technologies from Virginia Tech (link)
  • Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning from University of Manitoba (link)
  • 80 videos about technology and media literacy (link)
  • Creating a research pathfinder for students using Web2.0 tools (link)
  • Great EdTech dashboard (link)
  • Web2.0 wiki (link)
  • Review winners of the Webbys for ideas (link)
  • Media Literacy for teachers and students - propper online ettiquite (link)
  • Encyclopedia of Educational Technology (link)
  • Link to iLearn online magazine issue #2 (link)
  • Excellent list of Web2.0 links (link)
  • Kathy Schrock's book list (link)
  • Bloom's Digital Taxonomy in PDF format (link)
  • Comprehensive list of everything from online degrees to teacher resources (link)
  • How to find educational resources using Google (link)
  • Excellent Web2.0 slides. If you can understand them, then you have arrived! (link)
  • Link to my important diagrams (link) NOT YET ACTIVE

Influential Videos

  • TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader. It has very high-caliber speakers. (link)
    • Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativty? (link)
    • Clay Shirky - How Social Media can make History (link)
    • Did You Know 3.0? (link). Based on this original video called Shift Happens (link)
    • Willard Wigan discovers an incredible talent for micro-sculpture (link)