This page contains information on how to be a better teacher.

  • The Social Media Revolution - brief and interesting video (link)
  • Excellent discussion of aspects of Critical Thinking and how to transform traditional lesson plans into deeper lessons.
    • Remodeled lessons for grades 6-8. Examples include grammar, migration, journals, arguments, biology and others (link)
    • Remodeled lesson for grades 9-12. Examples include To Kill a Mockingbird, International Trade, Titration, Compound Interest, and others (link)
  • Consider a parent journal to provide a real-time look at student progress and raise the stakes for students
    • Here is a link to a teacher that did a parent/student journal in high school, a time when parent involvement is downplayed (link)
  • Teachers should be lifelong learners and always practicing and improving their craft. Authors probably like to read and write in their spare time. Tiger Woods probably likes to practice golf in his spare time.
    • Here is a link to a brief video about how to be an effective L-L-L (link)
  • Glossary of Education terms (link)